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A story to start with.. - Park Worker Agnst Program [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Amusement Park Hell

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A story to start with.. [Jun. 22nd, 2005|04:43 am]
Amusement Park Hell


Okay so I've been meaning to write this for a while now. I no longer work at the parks here in Orlando, FL but I spent a good 5 years at it so I've got enough tales to tell about any shape of idiot you can name. Most of my personal stories come from Seaworld Orlando and sometimes an odd Disneyworld Resort story since I worked at both of these the longest.

Now I worked in Park Operations at Seaworld (Stadiums, Exhibits, Shows, Ect) and I'll start off with my personal favorite story. The one that made me throw in my towel and switch departments. This all happens mid-after in June, right after the rush began and we're packed full each day. Now I was the person in charge today since I'd been there the longest at this point. In my charge where three people, all new. Two didn't speak a lick of english and the third was just an idiot.
...Imagine if you will...
I explain to each person what they're job is and what they need to do, afterall it's only ONE show before the rest of the shift shows up. It can't be to bad right?! So I send them away after asking if they understood what needed to be done, to which they all agreed. Everything starts fine, I'm standing on the side (Because I was the only one with a cart license) waiting for the show to begin. So when no one starts comming around the sides I get worried. Running up to find the girl at the main ramp was gone, no where to be found. I threw the rope up and ran back around to my end to keep it running somewhat smooth. From here things went to hell in a gift wrapped handbasket. I notice people with strollers in the wheelchair area, run over to move them and rebreif the idiot of the NO STROLLERS, ONLY WHEELCHAIRS rule. Things smooth out for a time almost to the begining of the show when the radio at my side goes off with what I did not want to hear...
"We need you to come close our show, we're full"
FUCK! I can't move, my show is fulling up and I'm falling to peices trying to do two things at once. I call for help and naturally none of the supervisors are answering. I call back to the other show and tell them just to close it without me, I can't leave and that I'd take the blame for it later. During the five minutes this took my own show fell apart. The girl over on the otherside disappeared someplace and people where everyplace they shouldn't be! All in handicap seating, standing on the crossway for the aniamls, sitting in the asles! It was chaos and I couldn't stop it. I stood in the middle screaming at people to move and naturally no one did, at this point the trainers came out to see what the hell the problem was the was holding up the show. They couldn't believe they're eyes, one person alone trying to run the show.
One of the trainers (Jam) came up and asked where the hell everyone was, at this point I was close to tears when I explained what happened. He told me to wait he'd get help and ran into the back, moments later two trainers appeared on stand with mic's on and told everyone they HAD to move off XX areas for the show to start. Jam reappeared to help me clear the mess, and the show got started. At this point my frist compitent person showed up and nearly died seeing the mess, they took over in the middle so I could run over and make sure the other show was okay without me.

It was hell upon earth, when I got back my show was ready to let out. After the crowd filtered out, low and behold! My missing people showed up, so I set them to the next task of cleaning under the watchful eye of another person. Then proceeded to stomp my now in tears ass stright into operations control and scream at management about they're lack of answering a call of help. I was told that I should have handled it better and had these people trained. Well at this point I gave up, headed into HR and put in my request to go to nice sane "MERCHANDISE GAMES".

From: nimphomaniac
2005-08-29 12:22 am (UTC)

Employee's just don't understand

I totally feel for you on your last entry. I used to work for Sea World years ago in the Hospitality Center, I think that is what it was called. One side was the deli and the other was where they gave out free beer. I was a chef there preping up food early in the morning, and of course I was in charge. I would tell someone to put that in the oven so by mid-day they would have beef. Of course they would forget or just didn't want to do this. So by mid-day rolls around we don't have any more beef. What to do? We had to close deli just because I didn't check up on him, and they told me to go home for the day as a suspension. It's nice to hear you got transferred instead of quitting. Do you like it there now? I quit and joined the Service, Navy. This was back in 1996. I'm out now. Want to keep in touch? My e-mail address is kingjr31@jua.net or my yahoo is timk4274. Like to be chat friends.
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