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The joys of being a ride operator. - Park Worker Agnst Program [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Amusement Park Hell

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The joys of being a ride operator. [Jul. 13th, 2005|09:48 pm]
Amusement Park Hell


I work at an amusement park in a tourist area of the UK. There are several other amusement parks in the local area (often with vaguely similar names). Anyway, had two lots of sucky customers today. Well, one sucky customer and several sucky wannabe customers.

First problem was quite soon after opening. As I was located right near to the main entrance, the ride I was on collects brainless people, but anyhow - A group of three foreigners marched up onto my ride acting very much as if they owned the place. As always I requested tokens or to see their wristbands as they tried to just march past me, and instead of either I got a random laminated card brandished in my face. The card was headed with the logo of one of our rival parks and stated that it was a free staff pass for access to rival park for employees of a local holiday camp.

Me: "Sorry, this is for rival-park. It's not valid here."
Customer: "This is rival-park."
Me: "No, this is park-name. Rival-park is over in location-here."
Customer: "This is rival-park."
Me: *repeats slower and clearer this time* "No, this is park-name. Rival-park is over in location-here."
Customer: "This is rival-park."
*conversation continues along these lines for a minute longer, with the customer still insisting that this is the other amusement park*
Me: *Holds out park name and logo on top* "Does this look like rival-park?"
Customer: "But where is this for then?" *looks at one of her companions* "You said it was here!"
Companion: "But it is."
Customer: *to me* "But I was told it was for here."
Me: "It's not. It'd only be valid at rival-park."

After this they finally walked off, the lady having a go at her companions. A few minutes later I see them head into reception and wave it at one of the ladies in there. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I saw them heading out of the park not looking too happy.


My second lot of suckiness of the day was parent related and several hours after the first. By this point I had a trainee with me, and it was steady-busy.

A mother came over with her two sons - she didn't want to go on, but they did. She was rather worried about the younger boy, but we height measured him and then reassured her that we would check all his safety restraints, keep and eye on him and get him off if he didn't like it, and told her that most people classed it as pretty slow. Pretty normal routine that is repeated several times a day, usually with no problems. The parent wanders off to watch, and we go to prepare the ride to send it.

We set the ride going, and the boys are absolutely loving it. They're laughing and grinning, no problems at all. We are keeping an eye on them, but there is no reason to stop it. At least until the mother returns. By this point the ride is over halfway through but next thing we know there's a voice screaming at us from below are box about how she wants her sons off it that instant and how dare we tell her it went slow and how dare we put her son on a ride like that as "he's only seven years old", etcetcetc.

We had put the ride into stop mode instantly but she kept screaming abuse at us the whole time - accusing us of risking her son (he was tall enough, he was properly straped in, he was loving it and behaving = perfectly safe in our opinions) whilst we went through having to stop the ride and unload her darlings (not exactly click-my-fingers-and-they're-off). By this point I had tuned out what she was actually screaming at us and was just having to listen to her continous racket which could be heard by the entire area.

The younger lad didn't seem to realise what was going on, but the older lad was old enough to have rather "omg-what-is-my-mum-doing?!" look on his face as he had to get off the ride too. I did feel sorry for them. Last we saw of her when she finally stopped screaming at us was her stalking towards the general office with her younger son (the older one had dashed off to another ride as soon as possible). Sorry, but if her kid had been in distress or danger we would have stopped it instantly, or she could have just asked us nicely to remove her kids cause she didn't think they were safe but, guess that would have been too sensible of her >.<

Anyway, that's my venting for today. Until next time.

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